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About ZAN

I was born and raised in East Los Angeles; my parents were born here as well.  My mother 'Feddy' was first generation American born and my father 'Boy' - well lets just say he has a few generations before him from 'este lado' (this side) of the 'border'.  Together, Boy and Feddy had nine children.  I am number five. Our home was located in the Belvedere neighborhood of  East L.A.  We lived at the top of a hill with no street or stair access.  As you can imagine our home was somewhat of an oasis with a barrier of dirt, grass and rocks.  We would climb this large hill everyday - bring in the groceries, take out the trash, carry a sleeping child.  Later in 1967, the county added stairs to our hill to facilitate ease of access for my uncle Albert who was wounded in Viet Nam - 100 stairs on the San Carlos Street side and 97 stairs on the Brooklyn Avenue side.  We were all in great shape - good legs!


My childhood was steeped in traditional Mexican indigenous culture -  from food, feast-days, crafts, dance, art and music to catholicism and activism.  My grandmother 'Mama Lupe' was a talented artistist in the kitchen and her cultural traditions. My Mother Ofelia "Feddy" and Mama Lupe -  devout Guadalupanas - credited all their talents and accomplishments to the Virgen de Guadalupe - Tonantzin and great aunt Ipolita Tinoco "Mama Pola".  All of my graphics for t-shirts and stickers and beyond reflect these influences  of all these women.